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children of the sun by titta children of the sun by titta
This picture is based on a charachter and the story I made around her a year back. When the story evolved, naturally more charachters came in, and I decided it was time to draw them all. I really enjoyed drawing this one, however coloring was another matter entirely. The computer crashed several times and I had to color several areas over and over again. I started doing this before christmast and only now is it finished...huh.
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Eitansun Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely!!!! I like how you do that!
titta Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2006
Thanks, itīs nice to get comments on some of my really old pieces.
Mr-Frenzy Featured By Owner May 27, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
:jawdrop::wow:Soo sweet. Im such a sucker for your style ;) damn am i glad i droppen in your gallery. wow i say.
IcyWaves Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2004   Traditional Artist
I love this picture. *adds to favs*
lostgrrrl Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
woa. great job girl. i like the hair of the blonde grrl....seems alive.
sanya Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004
very cool! I really like the chap on the left especially! groovy hair.
nirej Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
that is reeally cool
SangzHime Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The result really worth the time you spend colouring though. :clap: love both your CG skills and hand colour skills. Keep them coming.
nklstheone Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2004   Writer
Holly shit! They're faces are shapped just like the creatures in my novel! - the ears and small arms & hands. But none the less, holly shit! I love it, as it's perfectly colored and the line art is majestic. I'm definatly +Faving this one.
Celestial-SeraphiMan Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004   Writer
deviantFrosty Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004  Hobbyist
This is absolutely wonderful. The title reminds me of that old cartoon "Cities of gold" :)
grygon Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the balance of darks and lights and the composition. great illustration. :)
damphyr Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
What a beautiful composition! I love the coloring and expressions, each one is so unique, has so much character. Really has a busy feel to it, very pretty!
zeiva Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004   Artist
Wow! Very cool design and layout!
They all fit in together nicely XD
bakasama Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2004
oh my :+fav:
nightcat82 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
it's really cool of this picture. ^_^ from the BG to the border and from the boarder to the characters! Thay all looks great!
bobkitty Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
This just blows my mind away... the details, al the beautifull characters... and the way you have used so little colours, and yet made it look so delicious and rich.

I love these kinds of pictures where's many layers and stories... It just.. guh... *DOIII*

I love this. :favlove:
Rawyen Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
Wau! I agree this is great-looking picture! ...but maybe some other people have sayed it already. Then i say just " whoa!".
korone Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo!! it looks really fabulous!! :heart:

Ahh...haven't they fixed the goddamn computer, neh? It sounds really frustrating, and i still remember how frustrating and how angry it made me when I tried to colour something with it -_-;

But the athmosphere and how you did the composition of the characters are looking really nice and good, and the colouring is clean, and the colours are chosen really well ^^

I like this really much, you monkey brained animal you!!!

Missing you :(
woodooferret Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2004  Hobbyist
OH..MY..DEAR...GAWD! O______O
the....the..characters...the details..the colouring!! graaaa!! *dies*
You've obviously have come up with so much more to the universe since last year..I remember you starting on this...and wow...this looks like it's evolved so much...
I want to know the story now! I want to know about the new characters and stuff..ghaa! *flips out all enthusiasticly* mmm..rowrr....that dude in the top of the pic and the white-dude look..heheh...reaally good..hehhe..*drools* and all the other charas look so interesting, too. O_O I wanna know more! *hangs on your sleeve* tell mee...
And I really believe it must've taken you ages to colour this..Oo;; I first thought it was done with markers, but after looking close and then reading the discrition I realised it was CG. grah..tis is just so fabulous....:drool:

heh..btw..just a week ago when I went thru my Liminka-drawings I found a pic I was supposed to do to you..^^; the clothing for that dark worrior -dude up there (if it's the same chara)...heh...must finish it sometime and hmm..actually draw guest art of all these charas..whee!! *parties* :boogie:

eh...and I seem to have rambled a lot..I shall go now...gnuh....*sneaks off after giving you cake and pocket-sized monkeys* ^__^
ArtVandalay Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2004
I really like this :) its good to see someone takes as long to colour as me...only you colour a lot better.
Elebridith16 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2004  Student
looks really good, I love the way their al brought togehter.
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